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Renewable Energy Project

Our Advisory and Investment Banking Partners work to develop pre-feasibility study, environmental impact study, full feasibility study, grid connection and other studies prior getting all licenses required for the development of Power Generation entity, leading to Power Purchase Agreements. We work with experienced engineers lawyers adept in Energy Project structures and regulatory requirements in the region.

Real Estate Projects

We develop projects on our lands or under Joint venture arrangement with landowners, carry our market feasibility studies, partner up with mortgage providers to ensure predictable exit for our investors. We offer returns of 10 to 25% returns per annum depending on Equity or Debt investments.

Infrastructure Projects

We have mandate for financing county infrastructure development projects in Kenya, covering from county roads, mini water dams, affordable housing, medical facilities, sports stadiums, schools, student housing, local airports, etc.

Manufacturing Projects

We have Private sector manufacturing projects looking for investors. Projects range from cement factories, sugar and ethanol production plants, animas feeds plant, and many more.

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